Exellent Food joins IZICO Food Group

As of 20 July 2018, Exellent Food & Snacks is a part of IZICO Food Group. This well-known manufacturer of croquettes and bitterballen is strengthening and increasing the position of IZICO Food Group within the Benelux’s snack food sector. IZICO Food Group, the company behind the brands Beckers®, Mexicano®, Bicky®, Daloon®, and Goodlife®, is becoming an even greater total player on the snack food sector thanks to the addition of Exellent Food & Snacks.

Exellent Food & Snacks

Exellent’s history dates back to 1968 in Bakkum, when the first croquettes, spring rolls, bami bites, and nasi slices, were made and distributed to snack bars throughout the region from a shed in the backyard. Since then, the company has grown into a specialist in ragout-filled and breaded snacks. The construction of a new, sustainable factory in Oudkarspel was Exellent’s manner of fulfilling its ambition to make the best croquettes, bitterballen, and other breaded snacks in the world. The company feels very strongly about corporate social responsibility in this regard.

Logical step

“The Exellent Food & Snacks products are absolute added value within the IZICO Food Group product portfolio. The ragout-snacks knowledge that Exellent brings with it means that we at IZICO Food Group can now put a total packet onto the snack food market,” says CEO Kamiel Steendijk.

“We found a partner in IZICO Food Group that is capable of maintaining Exellent’s great brands and products and developing them further,” says Exellent CEO Peter Jongens, “which also guarantees Exellent’s future.”


For the time being, IZICO and Exellent Food will continue to operate parallel to each other and benefit from each other’s strengths where possible. The two organisations will merge within the foreseeable future.

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