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Egeria invests

Egeria is a fully independent Dutch private equity firm, targeting controlling stakes in healthy, well-led mid-market companies in the Netherlands or in companies having a Dutch link. Egeria focuses on companies with an enterprise value of between € 50 and € 350 million.

Our aim is to create long-term value for all parties involved by growing and developing the companies in close co-operation – and based on mutual respect and trust – with the management.

Egeria has € 1.7 billion of funds under management and is continuously looking for new investment opportunities.

We offer companies:

Sustainable value creation
Access to Egeria's network
Additional capital for growth
A sparring partner for management

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Our three investment areas

Egeria private equity

Egeria offers businesses the opportunity to achieve successful and lasting growth together and gives (international) institutional investors the opportunity to participate in the Egeria Private Equity funds.

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Egeria longhold

Via Egeria Investments, majority stakes are held in stable and well-managed (Dutch) companies. The companies in the longhold portfolio are held for the long term.

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Egeria real estate

Egeria invests in commercial and residential real estate at top locations in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States. In addition, Egeria develops real estate in the Netherlands via ERED.

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‘Egeria has made it possible for us to react quickly to market developments and to immediately produce large volumes’
Kamiel Steendijk | CEO Izico