About Egeria


Investment company Egeria has been investing in healthy, well-managed Dutch companies or companies with a Dutch connection for more than two decades. Apart from its holdings in Egeria Private Equity Funds, Egeria has an Evergreen portfolio (Egeria Evergreen) and a number of holdings in listed companies (Egeria Listed Investments). The real estate activities have been brought together under Egeria Real Estate Investments and Egeria Real Estate Development.

Egeria is independent, invests for the long term and, together with the management teams and partners, keeps building on its investments.

Egeria believes in resolutely building together: together with our own people, together with the management of our portfolio businesses and together with our network of industry experts, to achieve growth and a sustainable increase in value. We turn ambitious targets into reality, making decisions at the earliest opportunity and therefore laying the first stone today rather than tomorrow.

Egeria Private Equity Funds invests in businesses with an enterprise value between 50 and 350 million euros, with the underlying principle that the management of a portfolio business is its co-owner. A business must have growth potential and be active in a market with attractive prospects.

The management of a portfolio business runs the business and looks after day-to-day management. Egeria is an active partner that paves the way to acceleration, together with a Supervisory Board that has specific industry expertise at its disposal. Mutual trust and respect go without saying.

Egeria’s professionals support the management of the portfolio businesses with all manner of things, including:


Acting as a sounding board in determining strategic direction and priorities.


Providing hands-on support to help the organisation grow and continue to professionalise.


Realising acquisitions and large-scale investments at home and abroad.


Providing additional capital and creating funding for further growth.


Sharing best practice in the Human Capital, commercial, operational, legal, taxation and financial fields.


Egeria has been at the forefront as an independent investment company in the Netherlands for more than 20 years. Two decades of doing business in a nutshell:

1997 – 2003

Egeria was founded in 1997 by the Brenninkmeijer family and the current Founding Partner Peter Visser. In 2004 it was decided to open Egeria up to a select number of external investors. The average investment rose in the period 1997-2003 from 3.5 million euros to around 25 million euros, in total 230 million euros being invested in 15 companies. The Egeria team grew to five investment professionals in this period.


The second fund was launched in 2004: Egeria Private Equity Fund II, with Bregal Investments as first investor and Egeria as independent manager. Fund II invested in 12 businesses in four years, six of which were placed in Egeria Evergreens, a portfolio with evergreen investments, in 2006.


In 2008 Egeria Private Equity Fund III was set up and Egeria broke the barrier of one billion euros of managed assets.


After a short and very successful period of fundraising, Egeria Private Equity Fund IV began at the end of 2012 and the managed assets grew to €1.7 billion. The Egeria investment team now consists of 16 investment professionals.


In 2014 Egeria began the acquisition of retail premises in Berlin, Boston and the Netherlands with the build-up of a real estate portfolio. Two years later this was extended to real estate development with the start of Egeria Real Estate Development and the first transformation projects in cities including Amsterdam and Rotterdam.


The latest private equity fund was launched at the end of 2017: Egeria Private Equity Fund V with equity of €800 million, which was attracted with a first and final closing in a record time of six weeks. In 20 years as an independent investment company Egeria has become a leading player employing around 40 staff. Egeria’s portfolio companies have sales of more than €2.3 billion and provide employment to almost 10,000 people. In 2017 Egeria was declared the winner of the NVP ESG Award 2017 by the Netherlands Association of Venture Capital Companies (NVP).

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