Corporate responsibility


Egeria operates in the midst of society and believes that the creation of value goes beyond financial return. In addition to a clear Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) policy, in 2018 Egeria embarked upon an ambitious corporate giving programme with Egeriado.


Egeria believes in responsible and ethical investment. The sustainability values (with regard for instance to energy consumption, climate, raw materials, health, safety, corporate governance, compliance with legislation and regulations) apply for Egeria itself, but are also taken into account in the selection and the management of portfolio businesses. The three dimensions that are taken into account in this regard are Environmental, Social and Governance. They are contained in the following five ESG objectives (as shown on the right).

We also encourage our portfolio businesses to formulate their own sustainability policy. This policy is evaluated annually and adjusted where necessary with the assistance of external experts.

In 2017 Egeria was the first winner of the NVP ESG Award 2017 of the Netherlands Association of Venture Capital Companies (NVP). This prize is awarded annually to the NVP member with the most prominent ESG policy.


Limiting the use of scarce raw materials: less material use, recycling of raw materials and consumables and use of products with a longer useful life.


Sparing ecosystems: ecologically sound ways of working and sustainable management of natural resources.


Minimization of non-degradable and non-recyclable waste materials in soil, water and air.


Doing business fairly: respect for safe and healthy working conditions of employees.


Mapping and reporting important parameters and issues about sustainability.


Because we know that a small step by someone can have a huge impact on someone else, Egeria started with Egeriado in 2018. A corporate giving programme with which promising projects gain the opportunity to take the next step, to make the impossible possible. In so doing we believe, just as we do with our investments, in the power of good management, sustainable growth and the courage to build something together. If you would like to read more about Egeriado or submit an application, visit the website

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