Egeria winner of NVP ESG Award 2017

The Dutch Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (NVP) for the first time awarded an ESG Award to the private equity or venture capital firm with the best ESG policy. Egeria was elected winner of the NVP ESG Award 2017. In the finale during the NVP Seminar at the Hermitage in Amsterdam, Barbara van der Geest – Glaser received the award on behalf of Egeria. Out of nine submissions, the jury nominated three finalists. The other two finalists were EQT and SET Ventures.

The Dutch Private Equity and Venture Capital Association awarded the NVP ESG Award for the private equity or venture capital firm with the best ESG policy for the first time. The NVP introduced the contest to increase awareness for the fact that Environmental, Social and Governance issues are high on the agenda of members of NVP, to share exemplary cases of ESG integration, to award outstanding ESG policy and to trigger further development of ESG policy. It is the ambition to present the award annually.

The independent jury nominated Egeria as winner of the NVP ESG Award. Chairman of the jury Marleen Janssen Groesbeek: “The results of the three finalists were very close but Egeria stood out for the detailed monitoring and reporting at the enterprise level. Herewith Egeria sets an example for other members of NVP”.

Members could apply by way of filling out a questionnaire. An independent jury led by chairman Marleen Janssen Groesbeek (i.a. lector Sustainable Finance & Accounting Avans Hogeschool) assessed the submissions. Silva Dezelan (Robeco), Maurice Klaver (PGGM), Oscar Kinders (PwC) and Tjarda Molenaar (NVP) completed the jury. The submissions were assessed on criteria such as ‘general ESG policy’, ‘ESG in due diligence’, ‘ESG in the investment period’, ‘ESG in governance’ and ‘ESG reporting’.

About the Dutch Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (NVP) The NVP is the private equity and venture capital association of the Netherlands and represents 90% of private equity and venture capital under management in the Netherlands. The NVP has 85 affiliated private equity and venture capital firms and 87 associated members. The activities of the NVP consist of interest representation, research and information, but also activities and education for members.

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