Smit & Dorlas / De Drie Mollen

Smit & Dorlas Espresso Groep Nederland was acquired by Egeria in 1997 through a Management Buy-In.

Smit & Dorlas, established in 1938, is a producer and merchandiser of coffee and is active in the Dutch out-of-home market with the sale of coffee beans (Espresso), roasted coffee and coffee machines. When Smit & Dorlas was sold to De Drie Mollen in 2000, Egeria maintained its interest in the coffee industry and decided to invest in De Drie Mollen.

De Drie Mollen is an international company engaged in the production and marketing of coffee and tea, with operating units in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The company is one of the largest coffee roasters in Europe and the market leader within the private label sector. De Drie Mollen is, after Douwe Egberts, the second largest overall player in the Dutch coffee market.

Egeria’s¬†investment in the Smit & Dorlas and De Drie Mollen combination ended in 2002, when De Drie Mollen was acquired by Gilde Investment Management


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