Private Equity

Private Equity

Egeria invests in healthy Dutch companies and companies with a Dutch connection. These are companies in promising markets with an enterprise value between 50 and 350 million euros. Since its formation in 1997 Egeria has launched five funds and with Egeria Funds currently has holdings in nine businesses. In addition to Egeria Funds the company has a portfolio containing six companies with Egeria Evergreen.


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Private equity funds

Egeria gives Dutch and foreign professional and institutional investors the opportunity to invest through Egeria Funds in healthy, well-managed medium-sized Dutch companies. Egeria is actively involved in its portfolio businesses and believes in a close partnership with the management. Egeria Funds invests for a period of around five to seven years, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth and increase in value in conjunction with the management. Egeria invests in different sectors, with the exception of biotechnology and ‘unethical’ sectors and activities. Egeria is always interested in investment opportunities, subject to the following conditions:

  • An enterprise value of 50 to 350 million euros.
  • Located in the Netherlands or with a clear relationship with the Netherlands.
  • Experienced and motivated management, with a proven track record and the readiness and means to co-invest according to their ability to pay.
  • A strong market position and growth potential.
  • Egeria must be able to acquire a majority interest.


Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Group


Nooteboom Textiles

Dutch Bakery



The Employment Group


GoodLife Foods

Egeria Evergreen

For the interests in Egeria Evergreen the same underlying principles apply in principle as with Egeria Funds, except that in the case of these holdings major share ownership of one party will demonstrably contribute to the development of the company. It is also the case within Egeria Evergreen that Egeria builds on the businesses and their market position together with the management. Egeria currently has six participating interests from Egeria Evergreen; the basic principle is to develop this to seven businesses.

Maas Aviation Group


M&G Group

Royal Mosa

Sif Group

Former companies


Hitec Power Protection


JET Group

NRC Media

Axent Verzekeringen

United Dutch Breweries

Mirror Controls international

Den Braven Sealants

Royal Sanders

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