Real estate

Real estate

Egeria Real Estate Investments invests in category A1 commercial and residential real estate in the best locations in the Netherlands, Berlin (Germany) and Boston in the United States. Egeria Real Estate Development develops real estate in different locations in the Netherlands. Currently more than 250 million euros is invested in total.


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Egeria Real Estate Investments is building on a solid investment portfolio with investments in category A1 retail locations and residential developments in the Netherlands (mainly in the Randstad region), Berlin (Germany) and in Boston (the United States). These locations have been selected by Egeria Real Estate Investments for their strong national, regional and local economies and the opportunities that Egeria Real Estate Investments sees in these markets. Egeria Real Estate Investments has a strong hands-on team and has the management under its own control.


In 2015 Egeria embarked on the (re)development of real estate projects in the Randstad region with Egeria Real Estate Development (ERED). ERED’s main focus is complex projects in inner city areas in which vacant office buildings for instance are transformed to homes. The underlying principle in the ERED projects is that the general interest is served in addition to the interest of the investors; this translates into the development of good residential facilities, livable neighbourhoods and the re-activation of derelict buildings and areas.  In this way ERED contributes to Egeria’s sustainability ambitions. ERED works on its own account and risk and sells the projects to (institutional) investors or consumers once the development process is complete.

Investment criteria

Egeria Real Estate Development is always interested in investment opportunities, subject to the following conditions:

Inner city locations in large cities in the Netherlands with an above-average economic and demographic outlook
Outdated and/or (partly) vacant real estate with a weighted average remaining lease term (WALL) of maximum of 3-5 years
Projects have an opportunistic characters and there is (re)development potential present
Volume of not less than 10.000 m2 and/or more than 250 homes can be built
Investments with full equity capital or with limited external financing

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